About Us

‘Āina Worldwide (“Āina”) is a diversified real estate company based in San Diego, California, focused on development, investment and management of innovative real estate projects. ‘Āina currently specializes in single family residential, multifamily residential and adaptive re-use projects in Hawaii and San Diego.  With a collective experience of over 80 years, the ‘Āina team has developed a wide range of residential and commercial projects that generate jobs and that sustain and revitalize urban neighborhoods.

‘Āina meets the challenges of today’s constantly changing real estate environment by directing the development process in a strategic, systematic manner.  Each transaction is thoroughly researched based on market realities.  From acquisition with detailed financial analysis, budgeting and underwriting, to entitlement processing, design and construction, to disposition, ‘Āina employs best practices.  Working with a team of leading professionals in the architectural, engineering, construction and brokerage fields, specific to each project, ‘Āina maintains high performance standards throughout a project’s life cycle.  This team approach generates optimal solutions to the inherent challenges and opportunities facing real estate projects.  By directing the development process with this disciplined approach ‘Āina provides profitable, quality projects completed on-time and on-budget.


‘Āina offers a full spectrum of real estate capabilities to service its clients and partners. When implemented by ‘Āina, these services generate bottom line benefits to our clients and investors as a result of our ownership perspective, experienced team of professionals, broad resources, institutional discipline and entrepreneurial vision.

Due Diligence

Exhaustive consideration and scrutiny are fundamental to the success of any projects. Careful evaluation of each investment is based on the specific market metrics and growth potential of each asset.

Financial Modeling

Developing a solid plan begins with understanding it in black and white. Comprehensive analysis and modeling are vital to the development of a financial strategy that meets the needs of each investment’s goals.


Working with the right team of architects, engineers and interior designers is key. Staying at the forefront of design trends and code compliance greatly increase the success rate of our projects.


Daily decisions must be made through each stage of the construction process and a dedicated team of experienced project managers meets each challenge to keep our projects on schedule and on budget. ​

Legal Services

An integrated approach to one’s long-term investment goals and financial planning is essential. The understanding of the symbiotic relationship between tax, legal and accounting matters is one of Āina’s most valuable expertise.​


Maximizing the value and return on our investment properties is fundamental to our success. This includes finding the highest and most consistent sources of revenue, reducing expenditures whenever possible, managing risk and defining exit strategies​

At ‘Āina we have a uniquely holistic approach to real estate investment management that creates a distinct advantage for our investors.

Sophisticated trend analysis, unmatched local market knowledge, and deep operational expertise allow us to capitalize on opportunities and optimize every aspect of real estate to create the most value possible.

Growth & Stability

There has never been a safer, more stable investment than real estate. Period. The right investment strategy provides growth, stability and consistent financial benefits.

Making An Impact

Making a positive impact is very important. It betters the communities where we invest, creating value and is good for the planet that we all share.

Invest In Living

The return of an investments should be measured in much more than just dollars and cents. It should also provide the peace of mind needed to enjoy life today.

Projects Under Consideration

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Targeted IRR

Data represents the sum of the targeted acquisitions described in our “Projects” section and Āina’s 2021 Strategic Memorandum.  Please contact us for additional information.

Our Team





ʻĀina has assembled an accomplished team of professionals to develop and execute the company’s strategic plans and ensure future growth and profitability.  Each member of management has a proven track record offering a unique blend of disciplines.