Āina is currently executing a highly focused investment strategy targeting core ground-up and value-add multifamily acquisitions, primarily focused on high demand workforce housing within our target markets. Over the next 12-18 months Āina is targeting approximately 5-10 acquisitions with a combined $150-200m in property value.  These acquisitions are located primarily in core and secondary markets in San Diego and Hawaii.  The principals’ successful development track record, superior market knowledge and extensive relationships throughout the industry combine to create a top-tier value enhancement platform


Ground-up multifamily projects focused on workforce housing in high demand housing and job growth markets.

Property Types

Multifamily projects in the 25-100 size range and custom residential in select locations in San Diego and Hawaii.

Acquisition Metrics

3-5 Year development cyles for market transactions and up to 10 Years for QOZ transactions. Target projected range of leveraged IRR's of 15-20%.

Target Markets

California | Hawaii | Colorado | Montana

'Āina Capital Fund

‘Āina Capital Fund 1 is an opportunity for accredited investors to participate in a unique private offering.


Previous offerings were only available to close associates of the firm for investment in single-project entities with one development asset.  ‘Āina’s fund strategy allows for a greater number of select high net worth investors to diversify across multiple developments with a single subscription to ‘Āina’s Capital Fund 1 for as little as $250,000.

This real estate development fund targets projects for ground-up multifamily and adaptive re-use as well as single-family with a 3-5 year exit per project, on market transactions and 10 Year exit on QOZ transactions on a case by case basis.  Fund capital is intended for distribution across several projects as the equity component.